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Romantic First Date Ideas

Romantic First Date Ideas


romantic first date ideasOnce the girl or boy you like agrees to go on a date with you and you want to make it truly special, you need to take inspiration from some great first date ideas that are guaranteed to get you a second date as well. Keep reading to get some great first date tips that will impress your date and help you break the ice with ease.

One of the safest options for a first date is going for lunch or dinner in an upscale restaurant and arranging for a romantic meal beforehand. In case, you are planning a lunch date, you can arrange to have a bouquet of long stem roses delivered to your date while at the table. For a dinner date, you can opt for a candle light setting.

However, if you want your first outing to be outdoors, especially if you have a hint that the person you are taking out on a date is a nature lover, you can take him or her on a picnic. However, do not let the success of this outing dependant on chance and plan everything. For instance, pick an unusual spot that does not have a lot of rush and while packing the picnic basket, do not forget to put in a few scented candles and a vase and flowers.

You can also carry along your music player and some romantic tracks that you can play while eating. As for the food, do not try your hands at cooking if you are not good at it. Instead, you can order the spread from a restaurant. If you live in a seaside town, you can even plan your first date on the beach. Remember to carry a blanket, beach umbrella and some sumptuous food in the boot in your car and you can have a beach picnic and end the date with a stroll on the beach.

Romantic First Date Ideas For Men

romantic first date ideasYou can even plan your first date in a national park and get the necessary permits for the same beforehand. If your date is an active person, you can take him or her hiking or play some miniature golf. However, if you are on a tight budget while planning your first date, you can take her window-shopping in a mall and eat at the food court. There are some other first date ideas that can help you get through the day on a tight budget without appearing cheap.

For instance, if you have enough confidence on your culinary skills, you can invite your date for a lunch or dinner at your home and prepare some of your best recipes to treat him or her. In fact, watching a romantic comedy movie before lunch or dinner would be a good idea and help you know your date better.

In case there is an ongoing fair or festival in your city, you can take your date there and enjoy some fun activities there. Taking a ride on the Ferris wheel or playing the balloon and dart game can help in breaking the ice between you two. You can even try your luck at the ping-pong ball and fish bowl game and try to win a gold fish for your date. Simply budget for corn dogs and candy floss and you can have a fun first date on a shoestring budget.

Taking your date to a club also makes a great first date tips. A club offers a perfect setting for those who like music and dance. Select a happening club for your first date and you can impress your date with your best moves on the dance floor. You can even take your date to a concert in the park and have a great time together.

If you are a sports lover and your earlier interactions with your date suggest that she likes sport too, you can take her to a baseball game. These games last for three hours during which you can talk to each other as well as cheer your team and simply be yourself. Additionally, the hot dogs and cracker jacks are a bonus that you just cannot ignore. They are yum as well as easy on the pocket. You will surely find one of the above-mentioned first date ideas to your liking.

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