First Date Tips

First Date Tips To Make Your Date A Success

by Dean Cortez,

When you’re on a first date, it’s normal for you to feel some butterflies in your stomach and feel a bit nervous about how the date is going to turn out. This is where a few good first date ideas from some dating experts will come in handy. Because whether you’re known this person for a while or not, this first date is your first “official” opportunity to determine whether or not they’re someone you want to have a romantic relationship with. This is why some people get excited by the idea of a first date, while others get sweaty palms just thinking about it.

Think about the purpose of this first date. You have to keep in mind that the purpose of the first date is to get to know each other. As you try to get to know each other, you would need the perfect setting or venue for the first date. It should be a place where you will both get entertained but not necessarily intimate. The environment should make things light and casual that would allow you to have intimate conversations.

Things to talk about. There should be a constant interaction during the first date, so it is a must that you know what questions to ask and those questions which are inappropriate to ask during first date. Your questions should reveal something about your date’s family values, experiences in life, her core values, relationships and even her financial philosophies and health problems in case there are any. There are questions or topics which are inappropriate to talk about during the first date, so you need to be aware which one is appropriate or not.

Take note of the red flags. You may seem to be very compatible and you are already smitten with your date, but you should not ignore the red flags. These may include her attitude towards other people like waiters or other staff members. You also check whether or not she has poor hygiene or if she monopolizes the conversation. By mere observation on how she interacts with the people around her, you can gauge whether she is a good person or not. Her actions speak louder than her words, you will sense if she is trying to hide something or not.

Who’s taking care of the bill? This is often an issue during first date but traditionally, guys pay for the bill during the first date. But there are instances when the person who initiates the date should be the one in-charge of the bill. You can divide the costs if she insists. But never dare to ask her if she can contribute to the costs. As much as possible, refuse her offer to pay for the bill.

first date tips

Also, what are your expectations after the date? Again, let’s go back to the main purpose of your first date which is to get a better idea about your individual personalities. You may have also gauge whether there is a good potential that you can become a couple. After your first date, you can decide if you still want to secure a second date with her or you would completely abolish the idea of any future dates with her. In most instances, first dates never lead to the next stage. If your initial date did not lead to second date, there is no need to feel frustrated about it. Just think of your first date as part of the elimination process and you can move on afterwards. No need to live in gloom just because on your first date, love didn’t bloom.

First Date Guidelines: What to Do and Where to Go

first date tips

First dates are supposed to be fun and not stressful. If you feel that you are not ready to have a face-to-face meeting with your chat mate, then leave it! You can back off for a while until you are ready to go out for your first date. You have to be comfortable with the idea of meeting your date or else it might turn into a real disaster. Now, if you are really up to it; then you need to have everything planned and prepared. First date is your only chance to create a good first impression, you must remember that!

Undeniably, it is quite impossible to undo a bad first impression. So before you finally go out, you need to take some time to make the best impression possible. Here are some useful tips that will help you a lot on creating that good first impression:

Do not be late! You are expected to arrive on time even a few minutes earlier than your date. Being late is cardinal sin #1 and you would not want to start your first date on the wrong foot.

Check yourself. Make sure that you are dress up for the occasion and the venue of your first date. You can ask your friend to help you look good. You have to look and smell good. If you are a guy, you have to get rid of those disturbing nose hairs. You can also trim your facial hair to make your look fresh and neat.

Wear something appropriate. There are several outfits that would make you feel so attractive and boost your confidence. You can wear one of those especially if they make you feel comfortable. You do not want to spend your date adjusting your collars or pants just because you are not quite comfortable with it.

Be polite and give her attention. Since this is your first date, your attention should be focused on her. You must put your phone in silent mode (or turn off if possible), it is quite rude to take a casual call from a friend while out on a date. You should only look at her and not the other girls around you so stop those wandering eyes and cut off from ogling the waitress at the table next to yours.

Chivalry is not dead. Be a gentleman to your date by pulling the chair for her or holding the door for her too. Your date will surely appreciate these very simple yet gentlemanly gestures.

Now that you already have the basic ideas on what to do to get the good first impression; you should also know where to go on your first date. You have to plan something special but you do not need to drain the money in your wallet just to impress her.

Be creative, think of something unique that she may have not experienced before. You can skip the dinner-and-a-movie type of date for now. Your aim is to get to know the person and you cannot do that if you spend your two hours inside the movie house. You should find a place where you can do some activities together but at the same time provide you with a little privacy to talk to each other. You can have your first date on any of these places:

The Coffee Shop. This has become one of the most popular places for a first date. The environment is relaxed and you can have time to talk and get to know each other. One good thing about going to a coffee shop is that no alcohol is served; it means that it eliminates the chance of getting drunk on your first date.

The Bowling Alley. It is an old-school idea for a first date but it can be a lot of fun. You can engage in a friendly competition as you enjoy a box of pizza and few cans of either alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. The environment is less stressful which will make you and your date feels more relaxed and comfortable. Remember that if you date is comfortable, she is more likely to have fun too.

The Great Outdoors. If your date is the outdoorsy type of woman, she might probably think that an outdoor hiking is a terrific first date idea. But before you finalize your plan, you need to check whether she is up for the task or not.

The Local Music Show. Music plays an important role in providing a pleasant distraction of your conversation. You do not want to bring her to a major concert of a rock star or heavy metal artist. If you can find a perfect venue where you chill and listen to a good music that will be fantastic. Make sure that you know her taste when it comes to music genre.

New Restaurant, New Cuisine. If you like to build a connection with her on your first date, you have to share new experiences together. Bring her to a restaurant that neither of you have tried before. Checking our new cuisine will add a little excitement on your date. Who knows maybe both of you will end up having new favourite cuisine and restaurant.

You may get too pre-occupied trying to please your date, lest you forget to have fun. As mentioned earlier, your first date should be fun! You just need to have the confidence and you are the kind of person who is worth spending time with. You already have a date with her, which means that you are already ahead of the game. Just relax and have fun, remember that you are both trying to create the good impression.

First Date Tips For Men: What NOT To Talk About On The First Date

first date tips

The most important first date tips is how to start and keep the conversation flowing smoothly. There are numerous things that you can talk about during your first date. You can discuss about your common interests or how your day went through. But have you ever thought that there are also several things that you should not say or talk about on your first date? Yes! If you don’t want to spoil your time together with her, then you should not talk about these things:

Your past relationships. It is not proper to speak about your ex to your current date. It does not matter whether you are sharing with her good, bad or terrible memories. You need to focus on your date and not dwell on your past.

Your other dates. Remember that she is the queen of the night! Talking about the date you had with another girl within the past week will not do you any good. Just focus your attention on her and do not talk about any other girls.

Your health problems or medical conditions. You do not need to lie about your injuries, defect or illnesses but talking about it on your first date is not the type of things you would want to speak about. Most girls want to date someone who is healthy and strong.

Political views and religious beliefs. These two are not always good topics to talk about. To each his own regarding this matter. You can casually mention it to her but do not force the topic or issue down to her throat. It is much better to avoid such topics because there are other things to talk about.

Let’s talk about sex baby. No matter how hot and sexy she is, talking about explicit sex can make or break your first date. You can save the sexy talks and hot adventures on the later part of your relationship. It is definitely not part of what to talk about with a girl on your first date.

You, you and you. Do not waste her time by making her listen to all the things you do and the things you hate. You can tell her a little something about you but do not make yourself as the sole topic of conversation all throughout your date. You have to focus on her and listen to what she says. Your date will definitely get bored if you keep yakking all night as if you are already sharing your autobiography with her.

A great first date conversation is not something that is difficult to achieve. If you know how and what to talk about with a girl, then your conversation will flow smoothly. You can focus on talking about her dreams, goals and her feelings. You have better chance of getting a second date with her, if you avoid the common mistakes and follow these important first date tips.


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